Announcing Tartan AUV

We are Carnegie Mellon University’s first RoboSub team

Tartan AUV is Carnegie Mellon University’s first RoboSub team, and we hope to represent CMU’s computer science and engineering expertise well by being competitive right out of the gate. While it is only our first year competing, the team is composed of passionate students who want to bring their expertise from other engineering competitions into the field of marine autonomy.

TAUV is run out of Roboclub, CMU’s primary undergraduate robotics organization. Roboclub provides students at CMU with access to parts, mentorship, and a fully equipped student-run shop which we hope to use to our advantage to produce a highly competitive AUV.

While we are hard at work designing our first AUV (currently unnamed), we are simultaneously working out logistical challenges such as fundraising and club organization. We are beginning to reach out to sponsors now, and will be relying on their generous donations to do well in competition and represent our sponsors with pride.